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Jun 26

Fun Summer Activities

Soaking up the summer sun is a great way to spend three months, so long as you remember sunscreen. Yet, finding other fun summer activities to partake in could be a little more of a challenge given how many options there are. So, we here at Pfeiffer Used Cars would like to share a few …

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Jun 23

Best Safety Features in Used Cars

The average vehicle is around 11 years old which means many lack modern safety features. While airbags are generally the golden standard of safety features, new technologies and techniques have made vehicles even safer. Check out some of the best safety features in used cars recommended by us here at Pfeiffer Used Cars. Electronic Stability …

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Sep 27

Find the Best Used Cars for College

While most college students can get by without a car, having one can definitely provide a leg up, but finding your fit can be tricky.  Figure out what your major needs are for the car; do you want something fuel efficient for long trips, full of cargo space, or just a great asset for tailgating? …

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Feb 08

Why Should You Consider Buying a Used Car?

Buying a Used Car

When looking at getting a new car, many people question with whether they should buy new or used. Pfeiffer Used Cars wants to help you learn some interesting facts about buying a used car. We believe that buying a used car can be the best investment. Used cars can be a perfect balance of value …

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Nov 05

Get a Great Deal With These Smart Used Car Buying Tips

Here at Pfeiffer Used Cars, we basically have one rule when it comes to being a savvy used car customer: come see us. We strive to bring you the greatest customer service, the best and most valuable used cars, and overall, the most painless car-buying experience possible. To that end, we’d like to share some …

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Oct 08

Sirius XM Radio’s Reach into Used Cars

Sirius XM Radio has grown a lot over the years, becoming a household name with over 25 million subscribers. Many cars are now equipped with the ability to access Sirius XM, and its subscriber list is always growing. So how can it possibly blossom even further? Forbes has an idea that involves the kind of …

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Sep 17

Protect Yourself from Lemons with New Used Car Lookup Tool

The used car buying process can often feel like a high-stakes poker game—or whatever specific form of gambling you’d like to compare it to, really. Thanks to a new used car lookup tool from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, though, you can take all the bluffing out of the process. The new tool allows …

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Sep 03

Used Car Sales Boom Continues As Summer Ends

The last couple years have seen a rather large used car sales boom, and that’s continued this summer, as a record number of customers have been taking out used car loans. According to Newsday, more than half of used car purchases were financed in the second quarter of 2014, up .9% from last year. “More …

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Aug 20

Inventory Full of Brands Earning Best Certified Pre-Owned Value Award

Want to know the best used cars on the market? Based on Vincentric’s Best Certified Pre-Owned Value in America awards, Ford and Toyota lead the pack with the most award-winning models. Honda, Buick, and Chevy also performed well in various segments. The awards are given based on data used to determine the vehicles’ ownership costs. …

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Jul 25

Used Vehicles for Teens

When your family adds a new driver, there is a lot of speculation as to what kind of vehicle they should drive. Some parents offer them the oldest, most untrustworthy car in the driveway, but is that what you really want your 16-year-old son or daughter driving around in? Will it safely get them to …

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