Tag: Fuel Economy

Mar 22

Fuel Efficiency Tips for Spring and Summer

Your fuel economy is actually best in warm weather because your engine warms up so much more quickly than when it’s cold, so you’ll probably notice you’re using less gas in the next couple of months. However, there are factors that can reduce fuel economy, so follow these fuel efficiency tips to get the best …

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Mar 18

Proven Tips for Increasing Fuel Efficiency

tips for increasing fuel efficiency

It could be anywhere: maybe at the office, Facebook, or even at the grocery store. It seems someone always has an idea how to save on gas. These suggestions can get as crazy as believing kinking the hose on the gas pump will get you more gas for your money. Edmunds.com tested many popular tips …

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Feb 25

The Push Toward Greener Cars Is Here and Now

Push toward greener cars

It’s an inevitable fact that the push toward greener cars has become even more popular. In order to stay ahead of the curve, many automakers are “greening” up their cars and pushing for more eco-friendly engines than ever before. Each year, automakers are able to introduce cars that can run longer and stronger while maintaining …

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May 03

Spring Fuel Saving Tips

Fuel Saving Tips

Driving an old, used car doesn’t mean you should endure poor fuel economy. In fact, quite the opposite! Though having a newer car with higher mpg is nice, you can still save a lot of fuel at the pump by simply tweaking the way you drive. The most effective way of improving your own fuel …

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