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Mar 18

Proven Tips for Increasing Fuel Efficiency

tips for increasing fuel efficiency

It could be anywhere: maybe at the office, Facebook, or even at the grocery store. It seems someone always has an idea how to save on gas. These suggestions can get as crazy as believing kinking the hose on the gas pump will get you more gas for your money. Edmunds.com tested many popular tips …

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Jan 17

Best Used Cars 2013 from Edmunds.com

2010 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L | Best Used Cars 2013

Each year Edmunds.com gives out the best used cars for the year. We want to make sure you know which ones they rank, so that you can make the best decision for your purchase. Check out the Best Used Cars 2013 in order to help you decide which vehicle you want to test drive off …

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Nov 22

Used Car for Christmas? No Time Like the Present

As the economy improves—steadily if still slowly—so does the action on the new car marketplace. During the hardest days of the recession, people flocked to used car dealers in droves. Now, however, consumers can once again afford to buy a new car, which has driven used car prices down to their lowest prices in four …

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Sep 20

Best Used Cars in Grand Rapids

We know picking a used car can sometimes be difficult, but Edmunds has released a list of, what they believe, are the best used cars on the market currently. Check out the list below and then stop in to Pfeiffer Used Cars to test drive one today! Best Used Cars According to Edmunds Subcompact: 2007-’11 …

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Oct 02

Dream Movie and TV Cars

Every car enthusiast can name their top movie or TV car, that one model they’ve been dreaming of since before they actually knew how to drive and that helped cement their love of cars and the automotive industry. Last year Edmunds compiled a list of “The 100 Greatest Movie and TV Cars of All Time,” …

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Sep 08

Top Family Cars – Consumer Picks

Edmunds has released their latest Consumer Favorites Poll findings, with drivers rating their top choices for “Best Family Vehicle.” At the top again this year, the Ford Explorer received 25% of the vote, out pacing its rivals by a large margin.  Tied for second, the Volvo XC90 and Toyota Highlander each only received 10% of …

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Jun 27

Edmunds’ 15 Best Used Cars to Buy

Car buyers in the market for quality used cars have struggled over the last year due to inventory shortages as a result of the economy and the lack of trade-ins.  Recently however, the used car market has been on an upswing with more cars available resulting in lower prices.  Plus, vehicle quality is reaching an …

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