Tag: Car Technology

Jan 14

CES Features Tons of New In-Car Technology This Year

In a way, the phrase “in-car technology” is actually becoming a little redundant. At this point, vehicles are giant mobile pieces of technology that just happen to drive you to destinations as well. That said, there are some exciting new technologies being added to vehicles at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. Many of …

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Dec 31

IntelliLink System Is the Epitome of Quality Buick Engineering


As part of the quality assurance process for the new Buick IntelliLink system, engineers are pushing people’s buttons–literally. In order to test the new infotainment system, screens are pressed more than 2 million times a week to ensure they always respond to commands. Here at Pfeiffer Used Cars, we understand the frustration of a frozen …

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Mar 22

The Auto Industry Takes a Stand against In-Car Tech Regulations

As in car technology continues to grow and expand, more people are beginning to worry about distracted driving, and someone has to pay the consequences.  Right now, that someone or rather something, is the automotive industry.  Since they are the ones making the cars with the so called ‘distracting technology’, then of course, just blame …

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