October 2015 archive

Oct 20

Propping Up Wipers in Wintertime: What Does It Do?

Wipers in wintertime

Anyone who lives in an area with particularly harsh winters has probably seen a string of cars with their wipers propped up. Although it looks a little weird at first, many claim this simple act will keep your wipers in prime condition. That’s why we’ve done a little research to see if this winter tip …

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Oct 09

Silverado HD Digital Steering Assist is One of Many Upgrades

Silverado HD

The 2016 Chevy Silverado HD is getting some serious upgrades thanks to an added Digital Steering Assist system. This control-enhancing feature is just one of many, including phone integration and a fifth-wheel package. According to Chevy, the Silverado HD Digital Steering Assist is available on double and crew cab models. This helps make hauling and …

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