April 2015 archive

Apr 29

Upcoming Events in Grand Rapids

Upcoming Events in Grand Rapids

With summer finally getting closer, being cooped up in the house and doing the same old routine isn’t going to cut it anymore. We at Pfeiffer Used Cars are here to help you get out of the house and get to know what the great city of Grand Rapids has to offer. Check out our list …

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Apr 22

Spring Car Care Tips: Keep Your Car Running

Spring Car Care Tips

The springtime sun and showers are finally here! While this means your car no longer has to sit out in the cold winter weather, it also holds a new set of problems. Changes in weather can have a drastic effect on your vehicle over the years, which can end in a block of metal in …

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Apr 15

Summer Gas Prices Might Be Lowest in Last Six Years

Summer Gas Prices

After the winter freezes finally relent, and after the spring rain finally stops, we finally arrive each year at summer. And with the warmer weather comes the overwhelming urge to travel—an urge that has been harder to satiate the last few years due to unusually high gas prices. Well, fortunately, it looks like this summer …

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Apr 08

Routine Car Care Tips to Help Celebrate Car Care Month!

Routine Car Care Tips

April isn’t just the first full month of spring—it’s also Car Care Month! To celebrate the weather getting warmer (and to keep your car running smoothly) Pfeiffer Used Cars has gathered a few routine car care tips that are sure to make your car run like new! Give your tires a check up—and a rotation. …

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Apr 03

Icy Road Tips to Keep You Safe As Snow Turns to Rain

Icy Road Tips

Though it’s easy to identify winter snow as the one of the most dangerous weather-related hazards on the road, the seasonal switch to warmer temperatures in the spring brings its own set of problems. When rain and sleet first begin to hit the road, they can form what is called “black ice,” making it almost …

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