March 2015 archive

Mar 25

Rain Driving Tips for the Spring Season

Rain Driving Tips

Winter–the worst driving season of the year–may be coming to an end, but spring has its own automotive troubles. Namely, harsh rains and even flooding can be a serious issue this time of year. Here’s a quick list of rain driving tips: Turn on your headlights, even if it the rain is light or if …

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Mar 18

Proven Tips for Increasing Fuel Efficiency

tips for increasing fuel efficiency

It could be anywhere: maybe at the office, Facebook, or even at the grocery store. It seems someone always has an idea how to save on gas. These suggestions can get as crazy as believing kinking the hose on the gas pump will get you more gas for your money. tested many popular tips …

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Mar 11

Once Upon an Extremely Cold Morning: Making Sure Your Car Starts

Making sure your car starts

We all have those days when we would prefer to stay in our warm pajamas rather than venture into the cold. But let’s be honest: pajama days aren’t always an option. There are few things more frustrating than waking up on a frigid morning and pushing away every devilish thought that lulls you back under …

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Mar 04

Spring Break Driving Safety Tips

driving safety tips

It’s the time of year again when birds sing, the flowers bloom, and spring breakers…well, spring break! Here at Pfeiffer Used Cars, we’d like to give you a few driving safety tips for your seasonal respite. Make sure your car is up to the challenge! Before embarking on your journey, double check your spare tire …

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