October 2013 archive

Oct 30

Car Storage Tips

With winter right around the corner, many car owners are preparing their vehicles for storage during the cold and often nasty weather.  However, before you put your ride away for the season, there are several maintenance and care tips you want to complete prior to storage to ensure your car is in tip top shape …

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Oct 21

Cars That Get the Most Traffic Tickets

When MSN Autos recently reviewed law enforcement data collected by insurance analysts Quality Planning, they were surprised to learn that the top 10 Most Ticketed Cars were much more ordinary than the high-performance race cars one would generally presume as traffic violators. To determine which models received the most tickets, Quality Planning calculated the average …

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Oct 16

Five Tools You Should Have in Your Car

Since October is National Car Care Month, we decided to do something a little different, maybe something you wouldn’t expect, but still has to do with caring for your car. While there are certain things you should have in your car in case of a roadside emergency, there are also a few tools you should …

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Oct 08

Best Songs About Cars According to Pfeiffer Used Cars

We all know music and cars go together like peanut butter and jelly, so we’ve decided to pick our favorite songs about cars and give you the top 10. Check out the videos and songs below and then comment in the comments section on which is your favorite, or if we forgot any, tell us …

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