July 2013 archive

Jul 30

Happy Birthday Henry Ford!

Without Thomas Edison, would there have been a light bulb? Without Benjamin Franklin, would we have electricity? Without Henry Ford, would there be automobiles? The answer to these questions are all “yes, probably,” but these men all impacted the world in a way they never knew would be so huge. There is no way Ford …

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Jul 18

Where to Start When Buying Used

With the used car market on the rise, many people are taking to the internet as the start of their research, and sometimes that is the only place you need to go. So where do you start? What sites should you use? How do you know a reasonable price for a vehicle? While there are …

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Jul 12

National Hot Dog Month | History of America’s Favorite Food

Did you know each year during baseball season an average of $1.7 billion is spent on ball park dogs and more than 20 million will be consumed during the season? In honor of National Hot Dog Month, we wanted to give you a little history lesson (if you don’t like history, please stick around anyways). …

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Jul 05

Fun Firework Facts

In honor of the 4th of July and fireworks, we wanted to find the coolest facts, which might not be known, to share with you. Queen Elizabeth was so fascinated with fireworks that she created the title, “Fire Master of England” for the person who created the best and most unique show. A 13 kg …

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