May 2013 archive

May 23

Where to Shop for an Auto Loan?

Not many people have the cash to walk into a dealership and pay for a new car in cash (and if you do, major props to you!), so car loans are no stranger to most who have purchased a car; but the important question is who should you turn to when taking that loan out? …

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May 17

What to do: When you get Pulled Over

Imagine driving down the highway on a Friday afternoon just after 5 pm; you’re singing along to your favorite song and not paying attention to your speed. You might find yourself thinking you’re going to make a fruit salad with dinner tonight and you think “I really like cherries and berries” until you see their …

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May 07

The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day – A New Set of Wheels

If you’re thinking of buying Mom a minivan this weekend for Mother’s Day, you should think again. Last year, released their list of the 10 Most Popular Cars for Moms, and believe it or not, only one minivan made that list. In the top 10 mom car, Honda had five vehicles and Nissan was …

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