April 2013 archive

Apr 25

How to Adjust the Mirrors in your Car to Avoid Blind Spots

If you could adjust your mirrors so you never had to worry about passing cars in your blind spots or motorcycles disappearing, you would want to, wouldn’t you? In today’s world, we try to find a vehicle that will tell us when there is someone around us, even if it involves spending a lot of extra money, …

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Apr 19

Top Ten Insurance Myths Debunked

If I’m a 23 year old college girl, my insurance is cheaper than a 17 year old boy’s. Truth or myth? Keep reading to find out ten of the most common insurance myths (and truths!) which float around the world of car insurance! Myth No. 1 If my car is totaled, my insurance will pay …

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Apr 12

To Service, or not to Service…That’s the Question!

April is National Car Care Month; have you given your car the attention it deserves? We all know that when you take care of your car, your car will take care of you, so here are the top five things you should be checking this spring to keep your car in tip top shape! Check …

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Apr 01

Is it Time to Change Your Tires?

Changing your tires is an important task in order to help keep your car running properly as well as to help keep you safe. But, who actually knows when the proper time to change your tires is? So, here are some tips and tricks to help you determine if it is time for you to …

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