March 2013 archive

Mar 22

The Auto Industry Takes a Stand against In-Car Tech Regulations

As in car technology continues to grow and expand, more people are beginning to worry about distracted driving, and someone has to pay the consequences.  Right now, that someone or rather something, is the automotive industry.  Since they are the ones making the cars with the so called ‘distracting technology’, then of course, just blame …

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Mar 21

Smart Keys and the Same Not-So-Smart Situations

Smart keys are everywhere today. What started out as a luxury item is now available to most makes and models. There a lot of pros to the new smart keys. Although these keys are designed to make life easier, simpler, and safer, they do not save us from the imperfect humans that we are. Benefits …

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Mar 08

Grey Poupon Refreshes Rolls-Royce Commercial

Grey Poupon, the Dijon mustard, has revived their infamous Pardon Me commercial with a slight twist. The original aired in 1981, and featured two unmistakably wealthy gentlemen sharing a jar of the Dijon mustard while stopped on the road next to each other. So, why is this auto relevant? The original commercial included two Rolls-Royce …

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Mar 01

Drowsy Driving and How to Conquer It

We’ve all got places to be, and sometimes there’s little time for us to wait around and catch up on our beauty sleep before we head out. When you’re on a tight schedule but are incredibly sleepy, driving can be incredibly dangerous. In fact, 100,000 car accidents each year are reportedly due to drowsy drivers. …

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