November 2012 archive

Nov 29

Top Cars of All Time

Few innovations have shaped our world more profoundly than the automobile.  Offering affordable transportation for all, cars opened the country to travel, created a variety of new jobs and services, and forever changed the landscape.  AutoGuide, an online automotive news and review site, recently looked at some of the most revolutionary cars produced over the …

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Nov 21

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Pfeiffer Used Cars would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving full of family, friends, and gratitude!!

Nov 01

Tips to Avoid Flood Damaged Cars

Spotting flood damage on a used car can be difficult and can cause major issues down the road if missed.  Many vehicles were damaged during Hurricane Sandy, most beyond repair, but others will find their way back on the roads.  Even if the damage is not immediately evident, corrosion can continue and cost new owners …

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