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Feb 11

Keeping You Safe on the Road

Buying Winter Tires for driving in bad weather

With the recent string of bad weather, it may be time to consider buying winter tires if you haven’t already. Despite the increase in accidents during the winter season, only about 21% of Americans have winter tires. That’s why we at Pfeiffer Used Cars have put together a list of reasons to consider buying them. …

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Jun 18

5 Best Used Cars Under 8K from The Street

5 Best Used Cars Under 8K.

Used cars are something of a gem in the auto industry. You can find great deals on used cars everywhere you look, especially at Pfeiffer Used Cars. (wink, wink) And now, The Street has to put together a list of the 5 Best Used Cars Under 8K to tell us where some magnificent deals are. …

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Apr 13

Most American Cars on the Road – Chevy, Buick, GMC, Ford

2010 GMC Acadia SLT1 | Most American Cars on the Road

If you are one of the people who strictly buy American and that’s the only way you look for cars, then this post is really going to help. AOL Autos has provided us with a list of the Most American Cars on the Road thanks to an international business professor’s research. Frank DuBois, international business …

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Dec 06

Toyota Delivers First of One Hundred Cars for Good

On Nov. 23, One Simple Wish, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting foster children, received a wish of their own as they were ceremoniously presented with a brand new Toyota Highlander. The non-profit was the first of many winners in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program. The program awards non-profit organizations with their choice of …

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Sep 27

Lincoln Creates Short Film Series with Vanity Fair, Film Independent

The Lincoln Motor Company recently launched the Lincoln Reimagine Project in order to “collaborate with, sponsor and support culturally progressive individuals and their vision for making the old new again through a celebration of all things reinvented.” In the spirit of the project, Lincoln teamed up with four independent filmmakers to launch a series of …

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Sep 13

How To: Test Drive a Used Car

All buyers know that the test drive is one of the most crucial parts of buying a used car. There are many things that could make or break the vehicle in question during this time, but do you really know what to keep an eye out for that makes the difference between a clunker and …

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Aug 17

Honda Works to Save Drive-Ins

Honda is working with you to save the drive-ins. How you might ask? Honda is donating 5 digital projectors, and you need to vote for the locations which will receive them. Vote here. Spread the word using the hashtag #SaveTheDriveIn on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. Many people don’t know the drive-ins could be going out …

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Jul 30

Happy Birthday Henry Ford!

Without Thomas Edison, would there have been a light bulb? Without Benjamin Franklin, would we have electricity? Without Henry Ford, would there be automobiles? The answer to these questions are all “yes, probably,” but these men all impacted the world in a way they never knew would be so huge. There is no way Ford …

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Jul 12

National Hot Dog Month | History of America’s Favorite Food

Did you know each year during baseball season an average of $1.7 billion is spent on ball park dogs and more than 20 million will be consumed during the season? In honor of National Hot Dog Month, we wanted to give you a little history lesson (if you don’t like history, please stick around anyways). …

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Jun 27

Time Travel or Awesome Discovery? Chevys to be Placed on Bidding Block

So when we heard about this story, even though they’re not used cars, we couldn’t help but to share, and it’s one the car collectors are going to love. When Lambrecht Chevrolet, in Pierce, Nebraska, closed their doors in 1996, the only things to leave were the workers. The entire inventory stayed, to be locked …

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