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Mar 22

Choosing a Safe Used Car for Teen Drivers

safe used car

If you’re a parent whose teen just got a driver’s license or is in the process of earning it, you might be thinking about getting them a used car. Used cars are great options because they’re more affordable and are oftentimes just as reliable as newer cars if they’ve been well maintained. Here are some …

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Oct 22

Beepi Sells Used Cars to Smartphone Generation

In a society where almost everyone has a smartphone, it’s not surprising that many people use this technology to buy or sell their used cars. Beepi Inc., a website that allows users to buy and sell used cars, has decided to take advantage of consumers who use smartphones in their car buying process, raising $60 …

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Jul 25

Used Vehicles for Teens

When your family adds a new driver, there is a lot of speculation as to what kind of vehicle they should drive. Some parents offer them the oldest, most untrustworthy car in the driveway, but is that what you really want your 16-year-old son or daughter driving around in? Will it safely get them to …

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