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Jan 14

CES Features Tons of New In-Car Technology This Year

In a way, the phrase “in-car technology” is actually becoming a little redundant. At this point, vehicles are giant mobile pieces of technology that just happen to drive you to destinations as well. That said, there are some exciting new technologies being added to vehicles at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. Many of …

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Oct 08

Sirius XM Radio’s Reach into Used Cars

Sirius XM Radio Used Cars

Sirius XM Radio has grown a lot over the years, becoming a household name with over 25 million subscribers. Many cars are now equipped with the ability to access Sirius XM, and its subscriber list is always growing. So how can it possibly blossom even further? Forbes has an idea that involves the kind of …

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Jun 25

Robot Valet Service at German Airport Only Needs an App

Robot Valet Service

Robots are something that mankind sometimes fears; worrying that one day they may rise against humans and take over the world… ok we will stop frightening you now. But, recent robotics technology has lead to them being used at the Dusseldorf Airport in Germany. This robot valet service allows you to have a robot park …

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