Oct 08

Sirius XM Radio’s Reach into Used Cars

Sirius XM Radio Used Cars

Forbes believes that be reactivating the Sirius XM Radio in used cars, they can broaden their userbase.

Sirius XM Radio has grown a lot over the years, becoming a household name with over 25 million subscribers. Many cars are now equipped with the ability to access Sirius XM, and its subscriber list is always growing.

So how can it possibly blossom even further? Forbes has an idea that involves the kind of cars we have on our lot.

Forbes believes that Sirius XM has a good chance of really broadening its userbase by starting a service to reactivate the satellite radios in used cars. Over 60 million used cars are estimated to be equipped with satellite radios.

They already have their eyes on the market with two-week free subscription deals and lowered introductory price, so they know the market is a lucrative one. Their “direct-to-dealer pre-owned program” was started a few years back to allow used car dealerships to offer subscriptions to the radio service. It started with a mere 100 dealers in the program in 2010, but grew to 13,000 by the second quarter of this year. It’s not long until Sirius XM Radio goes even further in its expansion into the used car market, which will make it even easier for our customers to get access to all the music they love in their new used vehicle.

Pfeiffer Used Cars can’t wait to see how far Sirius XM Radio goes into our market so we can get our customers the very best deals on their cars and their radio services. For more information on what greats offers and packages we have available for you, be sure to visit us!

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