Sep 17

Protect Yourself from Lemons with New Used Car Lookup Tool

Used Car Lookup Tool

By using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s VIN lookup tool, you can avoid finding yourself in a car that’s been recalled and not fixed properly.

The used car buying process can often feel like a high-stakes poker game—or whatever specific form of gambling you’d like to compare it to, really. Thanks to a new used car lookup tool from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, though, you can take all the bluffing out of the process. The new tool allows you to enter any car’s VIN number into a search, which then tells you if that vehicle was ever involved in a recall.

“The NHTSA database will tell you if that specific car has had a recall in the last 15 years where the work was not completed,” a CBS News post explains. “You also will see a description of the recall issue and can judge its severity. The explanation will describe, for instance, if a defect involves the danger of runaway acceleration.”

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