Sep 10

Make Your Fall Better With These Fall Car Maintenance Tips

Fall Car Maintenance

By following all these tips, you’ll avoid having any issues this fall!

While you might associate fall with Halloween, changing leaves, and pumpkin-spiced everything, Pfeiffer Used Cars prefers to think of it as the perfect month to complete a check up on your car. To prepare yourself for the bleak winter months ahead, make sure you follow these fall car maintenance tips!

Check fluid levels and refill if necessary. There are a few different liquids that are important to your car’s ability to run. These include your oil level, engine coolant, and windshield wiper fluid. If your oil level seems low, either add more or get an oil change to ensure optimal performance. For low engine coolant, simply add antifreeze. The same can be said for windshield wiper fluid. With these fluids at a proper level, your car should be ready to take on the winter weather.

Properly inflate your tires and ensure they are at a good pressure. Icy road conditions are hard enough to drive on with good tires, so why not make sure your tires are in top condition? If your tires are worn, replace them—if the tire pressure is low, make sure they are properly inflated before the crisp fall weather changes to the howling winds of winter.

Clean and wax your car. Winter is notoriously bad for the exterior of your car, not only because of the frigid temperatures, but also because of rock salt. By cleaning your car, then applying a high-grade car wax, you will protect the exterior as much as you can during the winter months.

Gather a winter car survival kit. You never know what might happen on a cold winter night, so it’s important to be prepared. In the trunk of your car, gather jumper cables, flares, ice scrapers, road salt, flashlights, blanket, first aid materials and snacks so that you can be prepared if you find yourself on the side of the road during a snow storm.

By following these fall car maintenance tips, your car is sure to make it through yet another winter. For more tips, be sure to contact Pfeiffer Used Cars today!

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