Aug 29

How to Organize Your Glove Box and Maximize Space

For many people, the glove box of their car is like a black hole, sucking in every tidbit of junk that passes by, whether it’s expired insurance cards or your kids most recent McDonald’s Happy Meal toy. While this might work in an everyday situation, there can be the occasional embarrassing moments when you need to root through the junk and find the important papers that the glove box holds, such as your registration or owner manual. To make sure you know where everything you need is, follow these tips on how to organize your glove box and bask in the glory that is organization!

Sort through the mess. Beginning the adventure that is cleaning out your glove box is simple enough—simply sort through it, separating the junk from non-junk. Create two separate piles (or a single pile and a trash can), keeping the things that you need and throwing away the things you don’t. Shred expired insurance cards, throw away expired coupons, and get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in your glove box.

Clean the empty glove box. After your glove box is emptied of its contents and you’re done sorting, use a simple solution of dish soap and water to clean up the dust inside. If your interior is something other than vinyl or plastic, a lint brush can also do the trick just as well.

Organize your glove box. When you place items back into the glove box, make sure you do so in a logical fashion and make them easy to access. For instance, placing insurance cards and our registration into plastic sleeves is a great idea, along with possible book marking the pages in your owner’s manual that you use often. This will make sure you know where everything is, while also ensuring your glove box stays tidy.

Once your glove box is organized, you should be good to go! Just make sure you try your best to keep it that way, because it might come in handy in the future!

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