Aug 15

Used Car Prices Will Drop Thanks to Increase in Supply

Used Car Prices

As the supply increases, we will see a significant decrease in used car prices, which is always something to get excited about!

Over the past few years, the number of used cars available in the market has steadily decreased due to low new car sales and the federal government’s 2009 “Cash for Clunkers” program. According to TrueCar Inc, the car industry is once again picking up steam, causing the supply of used cars to increase, slowly but surely decreasing the sticker price of used cars throughout the country.

“The continued strength of new-car sales is increasing the availability of high-quality used cars as shoppers continue to trade in their old vehicles,” said Larry Dominique, President of TrueCar, Inc.’s ALG division. Additionally, because of the popularity of short 24- and 36 month leases, the drought of used-car supply is already starting to subside.”

The rebounding U.S. economy, widely available credit, and low interest rates has also contributed to an increase in new cars sales. This increase in new car sales directly increases the supply of used cars, helping lower used car prices significantly.

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