May 25

Is it Time to Call a Professional?

Knowing when to contact a professional is the best medicine for a broken vehicle.  While many simple car repair and maintenance items can be completed at home with the right tools and instructions, there are several more complicated fixes that are best left to trained technicians.  Below are the top ten repairs, chosen by the readers of, an auto industry and car website, and why it’s best to skip the do-it-yourself route. 

#10 Changing a Clutch – requires removal of engine

#9 Repairing or Recharging an Air Conditioner – numerous components and dangerous high pressure systems

#8 Working with or Around Airbags – best left to someone with significant training due to presence of explosive charge

#7 Replacing a Windshield – requires precision and ability to handle a large heavy piece of glass

#6 Rebuilding a Differential – gears need to be aligned very precisely to function properly

#5 Body Work – if you want it to look right, leave body work to those who know what they are doing

#4 Mounting and Balancing Tires – requires expensive equipment and training to balance correctly

#3  Repairing an Automatic Transmission – complicated and requires high precision

#2  Straightening a Frame – simply unrealistic

#1 Electrics – highly complex and potentially dangerous

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