May 23

Surviving a Road Trip with Your Kids

Surviving a Road Trip with Your Kids

Road trips are a lot of fun. The open road, fresh smells, and a warm breeze in your hair are just some of the beauties of the, “ARE WE THERE YET?! MOM HE’S HITTING ME! SHE WON’T STAY ON HER SIDE OF THE CAR!” Yep it can change that quick now that you have kids riding with you. That’s why you need to plan properly for surviving a road trip with your kids.

A Few Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with Your Kids

Keep the kids entertained. Long distances can cause a lot of boredom for kids. Giving them coloring books, word searches, and creating fun car games like The Alphabet Game, can help to keep them preoccupied.

Take breaks from being on the road. Bathroom breaks and stretching/exercise breaks can help to get the blood flowing and can help to calm kids down.

Bring snacks and drinks. As we all know it is hard to go on a trip without drinks and snacks, but make sure you bring enough just in case of a problem where you are stuck somewhere for a while.

Have the passenger take care of the children. Driving and trying to keep your children calm in the backseat is almost impossible to do by yourself. Make sure the person in your passenger seat, whether that is a spouse, relative, or friend, is capable of taking care of them so you aren’t distracted.

Don’t forget to bring a car that can make the trip! If you are worried that you may need a different car that will help you with surviving a road trip with your kids, then come on down to Pfeiffer Used Cars to see what we have to offer!

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