Apr 26

How To: Change Your Own Oil

Change Your Own OilHaving to go to a mechanic or elsewhere to get an oil change can be a hassle, or you may just not have the time to get in before they close. Follow these easy steps to change your own oil, and take some of the pain out of the equation.

Change Your Own Oil Steps

  1. Using a jack on secure, flat ground, lift the car up so that you can comfortable slide under it.
  2. Unscrew the drain plug that is in the oil pan and let the old oil drain into your disposal tray/bucket. (to make the oil flow easier, first unscrew the oil cap on the top of the engine) Then, screw the plug back in.
  3. Reposition your oil catch under the oil filter. Remove the oil filter using an oil filter wrench, and let the excess oil fall into your oil catch. Make sure you clean as much oil away as you can so that when you replace the oil filter it screws on correctly
  4. Next, take your new oil filter and rub a little bit of oil around the rubber O-ring and screw the new oil filter back on.
  5. Finally, grab your funnel and place it in the oil tank. Fill your oil up to the recommended amount and put the oil cap back on.
  6. After lowering your car back to the ground, check the dipstick to make sure that the oil is at the correct level. If it is, then you are finished.

Now remember, these are just basic steps to change your own oil. For full instructions please check with a mechanic or another auto website, like Edmunds.com. You can also watch the following video:

Pfeiffer Used Cars wants to remind you that if you feel uncomfortable or unconfident when you change your own oil, then take your vehicle to a professional to have it done. No need to risk making a mistake.

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