Jan 24

Save Some Money at the Tank With These Gas Saving Tips

Gas Saving TipsGas prices are constantly on the rise, and unfortunately we just have to accept the fact and pay for it. So, why not try to save yourself a little extra cash, and follow some gas saving tips you don’t normally do.

Gas Saving Tips from Pfeiffer Used Cars

Get a Hybrid/Electric Vehicle – we know there may be some skeptics out there, but hybrid and electric vehicles really do help. Using a combination of gasoline and battery energy can help you reach an MPG of 50 or more!*

Shed Some Weight – extra unnecessary weight in your vehicle can make the engine work harder, and therefore use more gas. Shed the extra weight by removing items that you don’t need such as sports equipment, clothes, trash, and whatever else you may be carrying.

Fill Your Tank When It’s Cold – science has taught us that most, almost all, liquids expand in heat, and the same goes for gasoline. Fill up in the morning or at night when it is colder outside. That way during the day, when you do the most driving, the gas will expand and you will have more.

There are many ways to avoid paying for gas all together such as riding a bike, walking, or running (if you feel ambitious). However, a lot of us don’t live just a block away from work or school. So, these gas saving tips are sure to help.

*MPG just an example. Actual MPG depends on driving habits and conditions.

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