Nov 08

Car and Driver Announce 10 Best Cars on the Market

Every year the editors of take time out of the office to take to the test car track for a little fun. This fun results in a list of vehicles that “offers the most value, that elegantly and comprehensively fulfill their missions, and that engage their drivers in spirited conversation” cars for under $80,000. However, this year’s list is a little different from the past because half of the list starts at under $25,000 and these vehicles redefine the entire industry.

This year’s list includes the following cars and comments from editors:

2012 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring | 10 Best Cars

2012 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

  • Audi A6/S6/A7 – “The S6 is a leather-covered cannonball.”
  • BMW 3-/4-series – “I initially feared that the 4-series might be mere marketing posturing. Is there any substance here? Answer: Yes. Oh, God, yes.”
  • Cadillac CTS – “This thing feels nothing at all like anything else in its class – or any other class. The CTS is the ballsiest car here.”
  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray – “If I tried in the C6 what I just did on a wet road in the C7, I’d be in a tree right now.”
  • Ford Fiesta ST – “How the prosaic Fiesta gets turned into the winning ST.”
  • Honda Accord – “The Accord Sport is still a more gratifying car to heel-and-toe shift than most sports cars you could mention.”
  • Mazda 3 – “Everywhere you look, selling out seems like the future. And then this happens. It’s heartwarming how great the 3 is.”
  • Mazda 6 – “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”
  • Porsche Boxster/Cayman – “If every car were a Cayman, we would achieve world peace.”
  • Volkswagen Golf/GTI – “I like the GTI better than the Focus ST in much the same way most adults prefer the sound of vinyl to an MP3.”

So there you have it. Think something belongs or that they forgot something? Tell us about it in the comments section below, but in the mean time, stop in to Pfeiffer Used Cars to see what we have available in stock, but to see the full story, check out Car and Driver’s 10 Best Cars list here.

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