Sep 27

Lincoln Creates Short Film Series with Vanity Fair, Film Independent

The Lincoln Motor Company recently launched the Lincoln Reimagine Project in order to “collaborate with, sponsor and support culturally progressive individuals and their vision for making the old new again through a celebration of all things reinvented.” In the spirit of the project, Lincoln teamed up with four independent filmmakers to launch a series of short films.

The goal of the project was to reimagine classic Hollywood themes of a screwball comedy, ‘70s road heist and class thriller-noir. In order to pull it off, Lincoln partnered with Vanity Fair and Film Independent.

Film Independent supplied the aspiring filmmakers who received advice and mentorship from award-winning film writer, producer and director Rodrigo Garcia while creating their original storylines.

“Lincoln continues to embrace its original spirit of forward-thinking design and innovation,” said Andrew Frick, group marketing manager of Lincoln, in a press release. “The creativity and individuality of these filmmakers inspire them to transform iconic film genres from the past into new and vibrant visions of the future – an accomplishment that mirrors what Lincoln intends to do with its vehicles over the next four years.”

You can see all the films in the entirety by visiting, and you can learn more about the Lincoln vehicles that star alongside the talented actors in the films by visiting us at Pfeiffer Used Cars and Pfeiffer Lincoln!

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