Aug 17

Honda Works to Save Drive-Ins

Honda is working with you to save the drive-ins. How you might ask?

  1. Honda is donating 5 digital projectors, and you need to vote for the locations which will receive them. Vote here.
  2. Spread the word using the hashtag #SaveTheDriveIn on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. Many people don’t know the drive-ins could be going out of business at the end of the summer due to movies being produced only as digital copies and not film anymore.
  3. Visit your local drive-in this summer. The closest one to Grand Rapids is Danny Boy’s Drive-In located in Ionia, MI.
  4. Contribute to the drive-in fund.

These may seem like four easy things to do, and it could be just that easy to save an American past time. For more information, watch the video below and visit

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