Jul 30

Happy Birthday Henry Ford!

Without Thomas Edison, would there have been a light bulb? Without Benjamin Franklin, would we have electricity? Without Henry Ford, would there be automobiles? The answer to these questions are all “yes, probably,” but these men all impacted the world in a way they never knew would be so huge.

Henry Ford QuoteThere is no way Ford knew at age 33 when he drove his first hand-built Quadricycle on June 4, 1896 that it would lead to the empire that is now Ford Motor Company.

Born in Greenfield Township, Michigan on July 30, 1863, Ford had high hopes and dreams for himself and didn’t want to work on the family farm as his father wanted. He worked in machine shops as an engineer until he gained enough knowledge and support to start conquering his own dreams.

In 1901, Ford worked with William H. Murphy to found the Detroit Automobile Company on August 5, 1899, but the company shut down in January 1901. In 1903 Ford established the Ford Motor Company and introduced the Model T in October of 1908, and that was the start of Ford vehicles.

On April 7, 1947, Ford died at the age of 83 in his home of Dearborn, Michigan. Today we celebrate the fantastic man that did so much for the automotive industry. Happy 150th birthday Henry Ford, from everyone at Pfeiffer Used Cars.

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