Jul 12

National Hot Dog Month | History of America’s Favorite Food

Did you know each year during baseball season an average of $1.7 billion is spent on ball park dogs and more than 20 million will be consumed during the season? In honor of National Hot Dog Month, we wanted to give you a little history lesson (if you don’t like history, please stick around anyways).

While the exact location of where the hot dog started is hard to pin point, we have a general idea of where these beef and pork treats originated. The word “frankfurter” comes from Frankfurt, Germany where pork sausages originated in the 13th century. We also know during the 18th/19th century, Johann Georg Lahner, German butcher, took the sausage recipe to Vienna and added beef and called the mixture a “Frankfurter.” So where did “hot dog” come from? hot dog

Just like where this food originated, there are many theories to how the hot dog ended up being sold on a bun vs. by itself, however the name is very clear. When a New York Post cartoonist was drawing a cartoon about “dachshund sandwiches,” he couldn’t spell dachshund and called them hot dogs instead.

Today, hot dogs can be found all around the world and every city is known for a different kind of variety. For instance, Michigan is known for its Michigan Coney Island Dog (aka Michigan Coney) which features a meaty chili on top of the hot dog served with mustard and onions. We all also know of the Chicago Style hot dog and the New York style hot dog.

We want to know your favorite hot dog, so make sure to tell us below. Happy National Hot Dog Month from everyone at Pfeiffer Used Cars.

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