Apr 25

How to Adjust the Mirrors in your Car to Avoid Blind Spots

If you could adjust your mirrors so you never had to worry about passing cars in your blind spots or motorcycles disappearing, you would want to, wouldn’t you?

Rear view mirrorIn today’s world, we try to find a vehicle that will tell us when there is someone around us, even if it involves spending a lot of extra money, but the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) published a paper in 1995 with simple tips to adjusting your mirrors and not having to spend any extra money.

It’s as simple as angling your outside mirrors so as soon as a car leaves your rear view mirror, it’s in your side mirror. So if it’s that easy, why doesn’t everyone have their mirrors like this? Well, it can be a bit strange to get used to at first, but once you do, drivers swear by it.

By positioning your mirrors correctly, you don’t ever need to remove your eyes from the road ahead of you to look over your shoulder, although this is still a good habit to keep just in case!

A great diagram can be found here.

This is a handy trick to consider as the weather gets warmer and more people bring out their smaller and more fun forms of transportation. If you need help setting up your mirrors properly, stop in to our service department today and we would gladly assist you!

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