Mar 22

The Auto Industry Takes a Stand against In-Car Tech Regulations

As in car technology continues to grow and expand, more people are beginning to worry about distracted driving, and someone has to pay the consequences.  Right now, that someone or rather something, is the automotive industry.  Since they are the ones making the cars with the so called ‘distracting technology’, then of course, just blame them.

Car RegulationsHowever, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is trying to push some of the scrutiny onto the cell phone companies.  This alliance was formed by a dozen auto manufacturing companies including Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz USA and many more.  The alliances CEO, Mitch Bainwol, fears that too many regulations on this technology will force drivers back to using their phones, resulting in drivers looking down, and not up.

The first regulations were proposed in May of last year.  These included restrictions on how long you would have to look away to read a display, how much visual information can be in your field of view and a function that would lock specific features that could only be used while the car is in park.  While some of these regulations would work, like the lock function, others might entice you to start using your phone again.

Our staff, at Pfeiffer Used Cars, hopes these issues can be sorted out.  In-car technology has brought the automotive industry and your personal driving experience to a new level that we don’t think anyone is willing to give up.


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