Mar 21

Smart Keys and the Same Not-So-Smart Situations

Smart keys are everywhere today. What started out as a luxury item is now available to most makes and models. There a lot of pros to the new smart keys. Although these keys are designed to make life easier, simpler, and safer, they do not save us from the imperfect humans that we are.

Benefits of smart keys include: no digging for lost keys in pockets and purses, no struggling to unlock the doors or pop the trunk when you arms are full, and storing driver profiles into the key automatically adjusting the driver seat settings.

Smart KeysHowever, there are some cons to these smart keys as well. A common problem is locking your key in your car. You would think that with the increase in smart keys this problem would decrease. AAA assisted over 4 million people in 2012 that had locked their keys in their cars. AAA has also not noticed much of a decrease in this problem since the beginning of smart keys.

Other common smart key blunders include leaving your car running, not knowing how to turn off the car in certain situations, letting the battery die in the fob, or losing the fob (which can cost you hundreds – yes plural – of dollars). John Nielsen, AAA director of automotive engineering and repair, said, “Traditional car keys will likely become obsolete and be replaced by technologies offering even greater security and convenience.” He went on to say, “Motorists will need to adapt with the technology to avoid the hassle and expense of smart-key replacements.”

AAA has provided some tips to help us be smarter with our smart keys:

  • Get to know the capabilities of your key
  • Know what to do and how to use it in an emergency
  • Become content with the features of the smart key in a safe environment
  • Replace the battery, at a minimum, every 2 years or when indicated by the in-car battery warning system
  • Keep the fob in safe places – do not expose them to harsh elements, such as water
  • Acquire a spare key for emergencies

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