Mar 08

Grey Poupon Refreshes Rolls-Royce Commercial

Grey Poupon, the Dijon mustard, has revived their infamous Pardon Me commercial with a slight twist. The original aired in 1981, and featured two unmistakably wealthy gentlemen sharing a jar of the Dijon mustard while stopped on the road next to each other.

So, why is this auto relevant? The original commercial included two Rolls-Royce sedans. The updated commercial, that aired a single time during the Academy Awards, does include a dueling pair of Rolls-Royce sedans, but does not share the same simple and pleasant ending.

Car chases, explosions, and a fight over the bottle ensue in the Lost Footage edition of the iconic commercial. Below both the original Pardon Me commercial as well as the new Lost Footage edition are featured.

Let us at Pfeiffer Used Cars know what you think of these witty and entertaining commercials!

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