Mar 01

Drowsy Driving and How to Conquer It

We’ve all got places to be, and sometimes there’s little time for us to wait around and catch up on our beauty sleep before we head out. When you’re on a tight schedule but are incredibly sleepy, driving can be incredibly dangerous. In fact, 100,000 car accidents each year are reportedly due to drowsy drivers. That’s why we at Pfeiffer Used Cars have come up with a list of ways to stay safe while driving—and some of them might surprise you!

  • Use your phone. No, we don’t mean text and drive. Instead, if you have a smartphone, think about downloading an app like Anti Sleep Pilot. Apps like these will test your preparedness to drive. If even a phone is begging you not to get behind the wheel, you might want to wait it out.
  • Drowsy DrivingGrab a buddy. Having someone with you to sing along to the radio with and to feed you your French fries while you focus on the road can be really beneficial. The company alone should be enough to help keep you up. But, if you still can’t resist sleeping, it’s time to switch and let your friend take over until.
  • Don’t drink coffee. Weird, right? But as all of us avid coffee consumers know, as powerful as the waking up process is, the inevitable crash is even stronger. You don’t want that coffee crash to happen while you’re behind the wheel – that coffee crash may fast become a car crash. Instead, stay hydrated with water to make sure you are fresh and ready to go. On the plus side, if you drink enough, you’ll have to make frequent pit stops to go to the restroom. Thus, leading us to the next point.
  • Drowsy DrivingStop often. If you’re on a long road trip, have fun. Make it the life-defining experience you always read about in coming-of-age novels. Stop at a gas station or a diner every hundred or so miles. You’ll meet some colorful people, and it’ll give you a chance to stretch your legs. Besides, everybody knows that 3 a.m. is the best time to get a double waffle from Waffle House.
  • If you can’t stay up, don’t drive. Whether you need to postpone your departure time before you leave or pull over after departing, make sure you do not subject yourself to the potential of falling asleep behind the wheel. Only drive when you are sure there is no chance you’ll doze off.

If you have any other pro tips about staying awake while driving, share them in the comment section below, or stop in to Pfeiffer Used Cars and tell us today!

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