Jan 29

Used Cars Hall of Fame

At Pfeiffer Used Cars, pre-owned vehicles are our specialty. While all the cars on our lot are inspected by trained technicians, we’ve compiled a hall of fame of the very best used vehicles under $8,000, with the help of Kelley Blue Book, to make shopping a little easier for you. Kelley Blue Book recently released a list of the ten best used cars to buy under that crucial price of 8 grand. These are the ten we’ve inducted into our hall of fame, which we’ve listed here for you, counting down to the very best.

10.  2003 Acura TLHonda
9.   2004 Ford Mustang GT
8.    2005 Volvo S60
7.   2004 Honda Odyssey
6.   2005 Mazda MAZDA3
5.   2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
4.   Toyota2004 Honda Element
3.   2004 Toyota Camry
2.   2011 Hyundai Accent
1.   2005 Honda Civic

No matter how you slice it, buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is more often than not the wiser choice, and with this list in mind, you could be well on your way to making the best purchasing decision of your life. Come down to Pfeiffer Used Cars to check out our full line of used vehicles and start saving today!

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