Jan 25

Oldies Score in Top Ten Auto Ads

As a part of this year’s Detroit Auto Show, an advertising organization called “The One Club” released its list of the top ten best auto ads of the past 25 years. The oldest ad was from 1994 and the most current, 2011. Well over half of the ads aired in the early 2000s or earlier. That just goes to show that, most of the time, the oldies are the goodies.

In order to select the top ads from the billions of dollars spent every year on advertising by the auto industry, The One Club selected over 70 ad executives to be the judges.

At number one was Honda’s 2004 ad “Grrr” for the quieter iCTDi diesel engine.

Honda also held the number two spot with “Cog,” a 2003 ad for the European Accord.

And at number three is the much beloved “The Force” Volkswagen ad featuring mini Darth Vader.

As is obvious from the winning ads, newer isn’t always better. Visit The One Club online to view the full list of winners. If you’re looking for an oldie yourself, come see us at Pfeiffer Used Cars in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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