Jan 10

2013 – The Year of Safer Drivers

A new year brings a new set of resolutions, and 2013 is no different. This year we should focus on driving resolutions to promote safer travels for all. It is no secret we are an active population that travels endlessly for work, family, or fun. Thus, it is also not a secret that many fatalities occur each year due to this constant movement.  Personally, I experienced the passing of two incredible people that positively and profoundly impacted my life due to car wrecks in the month of December alone. They were separated by two weeks to be exact.

If we all took just a few extra minutes a day to partake in just ONE of the following resolutions, the roads would be exponentially safer. The 2013 safety resolutions are:

  • NO drinking and driving – call a friend or a cab. It is not worth it to attempt to get behind the wheel.
  • Do not text while driving – if you MUST use your phone, pull over or call the person using a hands-free headset.
  • Wear your seat belt – they were designed as a safety feature. Do not leave until you and your passengers are buckled up.
  • Regularly maintain your car – routine maintenance, just like routine checkups, go a long way in preventative care and increase safety.
  • Safer DriversDo not speed – engineers tested roads for the maximum speed that should be traveled. Speeds over the posted limit increase the likelihood of something going wrong. Plus, the faster you are traveling, the bigger the impact on you or your passengers, the less likely anyone will walk away unharmed – or alive for that matter.
  • Be mindful of bicyclists and pedestrians – at marked crosswalks, even unmarked crosswalks at an intersection, pedestrians have the right of way. So, take a second to look both ways before proceeding.
  • Take extra time in inclement weather – rain, snow, ice, sleet, whatever it may be, allot for extra travel time and slower travel speeds for hazardous road conditions.

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