Apr 13

KBB’s List of 10 Best Used Cars Under $8,000

In the market for an affordable used car but not sure which one to choose?  Look no further than Kelley Blue Book’s top 10 Best used Cars Under $8,000.  Compiled from a list of 2002 or newer used cars with a KBB Retail Value of less than $8,000, the top 10 were handpicked based on the “most appealing mixes of reliability, versatility and desirability, with an emphasis on track record.”

#10  2008 Kia Rio – “The 2008 Kia Rio is the newest car on our list, and still covered under its original factory warranty. A great value as a new car, the Rio not only provides reliable performance in the subcompact market, but can be found in a number of trim levels, potentially making the value for your used car dollar even greater.”


#9  2004 Ford Crown Victoria – “The Crown Victoria is big, proven and an American classic. With the discontinuation of the Crown Vic in the U.S., the desirability of good used examples is only going to rise. While you can, snag one of these great sedans for great money.”


#8  2003 Mazda Protege5 – “The 2003 Protege5 gives you spirited handling, good gas mileage, and in this 5-door wagon configuration, great utility as well. If you’re looking for a practical daily driver with a decent fun streak in its roots, the Protege5 deserves a serious look.”


#7  2002 Toyota Tundra Standard Cab – “Those looking for a used full-size pickup truck should seriously consider the 2002 Tundra. A bit spartan but with surprising handling and legendary reliability on its side, the Tundra offers a unique mix of capability and value. With its smooth and durable V8 engine, a used Tundra will return thousands of sure-footed miles.”


#6  2003 Ford Escape – “Easy to drive, convenient and reliable, the Escape provides ample space for grocery-getting without being overwrought in weight or size. A comfortable ride helps solidify for Ford’s popular compact SUV a spot on this list.”


# 5  2004 Scion xA – “The 2004 xA was designed with value in mind, and that value is magnified when the xA is a used car. The xA is extremely comfortable and offers surprising handling for an economy car. One quibble many had with the xA when it was released was the cost of the options; shop wisely and you’ll find yourself a truly great deal today.”


#4  2004 Pontiac Vibe – “Owners of the Pontiac Vibe always seem to get around to praising two aspects of this small, tall wagon: its gas mileage and its comfort. If you need some passenger and cargo space and don’t need some kind of status-flaunting accessory, the 2004 Vibe may just be the ticket for you.”


#3  2002 Toyota Corolla –  “You knew this one was coming. Purpose-built to deliver reliability, comfort and value, the Corolla is always worth considering when on a budget. It may not be the most exciting car on this list, but the Corolla’s value is unimpeachable.”


#2  2002 Infiniti G20 – “When released, this upscale reworking of the Sentra was considered too similar to its little brother from Nissan. These days, if you can find one, you can get a premium badge and more features for less than you’d pay for a similarly sized but more pedestrian used car. Handling in the G20 is better than the Sentra, and it’s much better looking as well.”


#1  2004 Honda Civic – “What else could top this list? If you have 24 hours and $8,000 to acquire some new wheels, just go buy the nearest used Civic and you’re likely to enjoy many years of trouble-free transportation. In addition to famous quality and reliability, the Civic is more fun and more comfortable than most of its compact sedan contemporaries. The same value and reliability that keep the Honda Civic near the top of the new car sales charts every year also qualify it as one of the all-time great used cars.”


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