Oct 30

Car Storage Tips

With winter right around the corner, many car owners are preparing their vehicles for storage during the cold and often nasty weather.  However, before you put your ride away for the season, there are several maintenance and care tips you want to complete Car Storageprior to storage to ensure your car is in tip top shape once the weather warms up again.

Complete a Detailed Cleaning Inside and Out – Ensure the exterior of your car is free of dirt and make sure to polish and apply wax as well as protect any areas that may rust.  Remove any trash from the interior and consider using seat covers for protection.  Also place a few packs of desiccant on the floor to remove moisture.  Take necessary precautions to avoid small animals from entering the vehicle by stuffing a sock in the exhaust, placing mothballs around the vehicle, and/or setting up mousetraps.

Protect Your Tires – Adding additional air to your tires, without going over the maximum air pressure, will help keep your tires from deflating completely and causing damage to your rim.  If possible, place the car on jack stands to reduce the strain on the wheels and suspension.

Tops Off Fluids and Remove Battery – It’s a good idea to change your oil and filter Auto Service and Maintenanceprior to storage and also top off all other fluids, especially antifreeze.  Also consider adding fuel stabilizer to help prevent corrosion.  Batteries should always be removed and stored in a warm area or connected to a trickle charger or battery tender to prolong battery life and keep the battery from freezing and cracking.

Use a Car Cover – Whether you store your car inside or outside, a car cover is a must for protection.  If you do plan to store your car outside, make sure to use a high quality waterproof cover that is secure and will not blow off.

Starting the Car – Many people like to run their cars every so often while storing them.  While this is not necessary if you properly prepare the vehicle for storage to begin with, just make sure that if you do decide to run it that you remove all items, such as the sock in the exhaust first, let it warm up, and then repeat all the necessary care steps prior to leaving the car in storage again.

Following these simple storage tips will help ensure your beloved ride is ready to go once out of storage.  Have additional questions about car storage or need help completing the necessary maintenance steps?  Schedule an appointment with Pfeiffer Used Cars and Quick Lane today!

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