Apr 05

Buying Used = Better Value

Buying a used car used to be a risky investment as drivers never knew if they were inheriting the previous owner’s problems or receiving a dependable vehicle until it was too late.  However things have changed with dealers and manufactures now realizing the importance of used car sales as well as the availability of vehicle history reports.

Today, used cars offer a much better value and provide the best financial option for those drivers looking to save or with poor credit.  Pre-owned vehicles now often come with manufacturer-backed certified used car warranties on newer, lower mileage cars.  These warranties extend the original new car warranty and offer increased security for the new driver.  Build quality has also improved over the years, allowing most well maintained cars to last well over 100,000 miles or more. 

Drivers can also now pre-screen vehicles for previous issues using vehicle history reports from companies like Carfax and AutoCheck.  Reports include information on any accidents the vehicle may have been involved in as well as details on the warranty and mileage. 

Newer used cars will also be valued significantly higher than comparable new vehicles due to the high depreciation value that occurs during the first few years.  So whether you are looking to save some money or have bad credit, buying a used car is often the best and most financially beneficial decision.    

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