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Dream Movie and TV Cars

Every car enthusiast can name their top movie or TV car, that one model they’ve been dreaming of since before they actually knew how to drive and that helped cement their love of cars and the automotive industry.

Last year Edmunds compiled a list of “The 100 Greatest Movie and TV Cars of All Time,” those that created their editor’s passion.  “We all dream of doing reverse 180s like Jim Rockford escaping thugs, or fleeing the po-po in a Shelby Mustang named Eleanor. We all want a best friend like KITT. And every orange Dodge Charger can fly, right?”

Here are the top 5 movie and TV cars according to Edmunds:

5.   American Graffiti – 1932 Ford Coupe:  “When this movie appeared in 1973, street-rodding was almost dead. John Milner’s yellow ’32 five-window made it relevant again.”

4.   Smokey and the Bandit – 1977 Pontiac Trans Am: “1977’s second most popular film. But you couldn’t buy a Millennium Falcon, and Pontiac dealers had plenty of T/As. Speedy car.”

3.   The Spy Who Loved Me – 1977 Lotus Esprit: “In this 1977 film, it’s a Lotus that turns into a submarine. That’s enough to make it the third greatest movie/TV car of all time.”

2.   Goldfinger – 1963 Aston Martin DB5: “The greatest James Bond car is fitted by Q with “modifications” for this 1964 movie. The standard against which all spy, movie and TV cars are judged. Last year it sold at auction for $4.6 million.”

1.   The Dukes of Hazzard – 1969 Dodge Charger: “More than 300 Chargers portrayed the General Lee during the series 145 episodes (1979-’86). Today it’s the ultimate Hollywood star car. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaw.”

Take a look at Edmunds full list of 100 Greatest Movie and TV cars and then sound off on your favorites.  Do you agree or did they miss the most important dream car in your life?


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