Mar 29

April is Car Care Month

Every new and used car needs to be cared for and maintained, and spring is the perfect time to perform any maintenance or service your vehicle may need.  There are certain things you’ll want to check on before the hot weather begins. To help you out we’ve put together a list of the top 10 maintenance tips to prepare your car for the upcoming summer.

  1. Check brakes. Brakes are one of the most used, and abused components of your car. Make sure to check pads, shoes, drums, rotors, calipers, fittings, brake hardware, and parking brake to prevent any problems.
  2. Check tires. Make sure to check air pressure on all tires, including the spare – improper tire pressure leads to premature wear and a decrease in fuel mileage. The entire surface of the tire should also be inspected for uneven or irregular wear; excessive wear could be signs that other maintenance is required.
  3. Check wiper blades. It’s best to be prepared for spring showers and summer storms. Properly working wiper blades increase visibility in all conditions.
  4. Check headlamps, tail lamps, turn signals, and hazard lights. Inspect and test all exterior lamps and lights, including turn signals and hazard lights to ensure they are working properly; working headlamps and tail lamps will play an important role in safe driving, especially in nighttime, or in rainy or foggy weather.
  5. Check air filter. The air filter protects the engine from airborne contaminants, and poor air flow within the engine hinders performance and can lead to greater fuel consumption. Replacing a dirty air filter will allow clean, unrestricted air flow into the engine.
  6. Check oil. Engine oil level should be checked often, replacing the fuel when it is low or dirty.  Dirty oil can have dire consequences on how the engine and its components work, especially under the extreme heat and conditions of summer driving.
  7. Check all fluid levels. Vehicle fluids and lubricants should be check often and changed at factory-recommended intervals.  Dirty fluids and low fluids could affect the performance of a vehicle and could lead to breakdowns if not properly monitored and filled.
  8. Check engine belts, hoses, and fuel filler. Prevent breakdowns or serious engine damage by replacing belts and hoses at recommended intervals. Checking and replacing the fuel filter is also important to ensure the engine is running at its optimal level, and to maximize fuel economy.
  9. Check battery. After a winter of cold-weather starts make sure to check the battery.  Look for corroded terminals and inspect for a bulging or cracked case.
  10. Check shocks and struts.  Shocks and struts are crucial to a smooth ride and may also affect a number of other related parts on the vehicle. 


Schedule your maintenance appointment today with Pfeiffer Used Cars to ensure your vehicle is ready for summer!

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