Jul 22

Three Signs You Need New Tires Now

Three Signs You Need New Tires Now

It’s easy to put off getting new tires — it’s a hassle, and it can get expensive. Yet, delaying this very essential part of standard car maintenance can be dangerous for you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road.


Here are three foolproof signs that you need new tires:


  1. There are cracks on the sidewall. If you can easily spot jagged cuts or grooves on the sidewall of your tires, it’s definitely time to have them replaced. These cracks are surefire signs that a leak is brewing in your tire.
  2. You can see bulges and/or blisters. When your tire begins to wear, certain spots become weaker and lose structural integrity. These spots can start to let air push them outward, thinning the material and weakening the area even further. When you see bulges or blisters in your tires, make a plan to get them replaced lickety-split.
  3. The wear-bar is exposed. All modern tires feature something called a “wear-bar,” which is an inlaid, horizontal “lump” that starts to show when your tire tread gets too low. Take a close look at your tires now; do you see a horizontal bar below your tread? If so, we hate to break it to you, but you need new tires.


If you’re concerned about your car’s tires or just want an expert to check them over, schedule a service appointment at Pfeiffer Used Cars.

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