Apr 20

Spring Car Cleaning Tips to Get Your Car Looking Like New

Spring Car Cleaning Tips to Get Your Car Looking Like New

One of the most important parts of spring car maintenance is giving your car a thorough cleaning. Not only does it help prevent rust, improve safety, and keep your car healthy, but it’s a great way to start the season off right. Follow these car cleaning tips to welcome spring:

Clean the carpets

It’s easy to do a quick sweep of your car and call it a day, but to get down to the nitty gritty, you need to take extra measures. Don’t just vacuum the floors — push the seats back as far as they can go to get all the junk underneath and even use a carpet cleaner on the floors. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes, and your carpet will last longer.

Clean the windows

Your windshield and windows don’t only get dirty on the outside. With everything you track into your car throughout the winter, the insides can get pretty grimy, too. Use glass cleaner to wipe down the windows on the inside — it’ll have a huge impact on visibility.

Get into the nooks and crannies

Now is the time to clean the little spots you ignore the rest of the year. Use a small brush or paintbrush to clean the dust out of your air vents. Wrap a cloth around a flathead screwdriver to clean narrow spaces and around buttons. You might find your buttons, which you didn’t even realize were sticky, move more easily after a thorough cleaning.

Don’t forget to schedule your spring maintenance check with one of our expert technicians at Pfeiffer Used Cars.

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