Mar 26

Why You Should Rotate Your Tires

Rotating Tires

After buying a vehicle at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used, it is important to keep up with routine maintenance tasks, such as oil changes and tire rotations. But why is it so important that you rotate your tires?

Simply put, rotating your tires will make them last longer. Because your front tires turn but your back tires don’t drive the same way, they don’t wear down evenly. Rotating them regularly ensures that your tires all wear evenly, which will help them properly grip the road.

Your owner’s manual will recommend how frequently to rotate your tires. Typically, automakers and mechanics recommend every 5,000 miles, which lines up perfectly with scheduled oil changes. Instead of making more than one trip to the dealership, ask about tire rotations when you take your car in for its regular oil changes.

Tires are your vehicle’s only way to grip and maintain control of the road, so it’s important to keep them in the best shape possible. Rotating your tires helps ensure that your tires wear properly and give you the best possible driving experience.

If your car needs its tires rotated, or you’re not sure if they do, stop by Pfeiffer Used or give us a call to make a service appointment. We’d be happy to take a look at your car.

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