Feb 22

Off-Roading Tips for Beginners


Off-roading can be a great way to get to know your vehicle better and to explore the outdoors from a whole new perspective. If you have an off-road ready vehicle from Pfeiffer Used Cars, we encourage you to explore the experience. But use these off-roading tips for a safe and successful first-time out.


Pack the Essentials      

Don’t head out empty-handed. You’ll wantto bring a first-aid kit for yourself, as well as a kit for your car should you get stuck. Try to get a hold of a winch, and bring a hatchet, a shovel, and a flashlight. A GPS is good to have, but you should have a backup map and compass in case the GPS doesn’t cut it off the beaten path


Check the Weather

While mud is fun, you don’t want to get caught in some during the middle of a downpour. Heavy rains could mean flash floods, which can be extremely dangerous. Know what conditions you’re getting into before you head out.


Know Your Vehicle

Before you go out on a real off-roading trip, be sure that you know everything you can about your vehicle. Look at its ground clearance and its width, and read the owner’s manual to learn about features. Once you take your vehicle off-road for the first time, you’ll inevitably learn a lot more about it, but the more you can find out ahead of time the better you’ll be able to handle it when the going gets tough.

If you’re looking for an off-road capable vehicle, stop by Pfeiffer Used Cars to take a look at our inventory.

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