Feb 21

How to Keep a Clean Car

Keep A Clean Car


Was cleanliness one of your New Year’s resolutions? These tips from Pfeiffer Used Cars will help you to keep a clean car no matter how busy your days may be.


Keep a Duster on Hand

A can of compressed air is the perfect tool to dust vents and small crevices in your cabin.


Use Upholstery Cleaner

You can buy a cleaner from an auto parts store, or make your own inexpensive but effective version with a DIY recipe like this one.


Buy a Microfiber Windshield Cleaner

These tools come on a long handle for easy reach across the entire inside of your windshield. The interior of your windshield collects its own dust and grime, so regular cleanings will keep visibility at its best.


Make a Trash Can

If you have trouble keeping clutter from your floor, a trash can is a great idea. You can make the perfect car can by lining a Tupperware cereal container with a plastic bag. The lid allows you to keep the “trash can” closed while the bag makes for easy emptying.


Stay Organized

You should always have quick and easy access to your insurance card, your registration, and other important documents. A simple mini binder from the office supply store can keep these things together neatly in your glove box.


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