Jan 29

Winter Car Hacks

Winter Car In Snow


The bitter cold can be brutal in the winter, especially in Michigan. While you wait for spring to come, here are some winter car hacks to get you through the coldest months of the year.

Lift those wipers                                                                     

Pesky snow and ice can sometimes freeze your wipers to your windshield. Avoid this by lifting your wipers at night and covering them with socks.

Shaving cream de-fogger

It might sound ridiculous, but you can de-fog your windows quickly and easily with shaving cream. Just spray a layer on the inside of your windows and then wipe it clean.

Freezer bag your mirrors

Freezer bags can be used for more than you think! At night, put gallon-sized plastic freezer bags over your side mirrors to prevent them from icing over. Zip them as much as possible, and then use rubber bands to secure them.

Cardboard under your tires

If you’re stuck in deep snow, wedge a few pieces of cardboard under your tires to help them gain traction.

Avoid hot water

Never, ever use hot water to thaw the ice on your windows or windshield. Some people believe that it will de-ice their windshield, but really it will do much more harm than good. Pouring hot water on your ice cold windshield will cause it to shatter.

If you’d like more tips on how to care for your car this winter, we’re always ready to help at Pfeiffer Used Cars.


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