Jul 29

Certified Pre-Owned vs. Used Cars: Which is Right for You?

certified pre-owned vs. used

In recent years, more and more dealerships have started offering Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) models in addition to their lineup of used cars. However, not all car shoppers know the differences between CPO and used cars, including which might be better for them. That’s why the team at Pfeiffer Used has put together a guide on certified pre-owned vs. used cars.

CPO models must meet certain age and mileage restrictions, they must be inspected by a certified technician, and they have to pass vehicle history reports. In particular, most manufacturers insist on rigorous inspections over the entire vehicle to ensure cars are like-new. Plus, CPO cars come with added warranties and perks, like roadside assistance or special service.

According to Edmunds, some buyers prefer CPO cars because they want added peace of mind and warranties. However, there are still several perks to buying used. For instance, you generally save more when buying used as opposed to CPO. With the rise of digital technologies, it’s fairly simple to get a vehicle history report online through Carfax or other websites.

Which is right for you? That depends on your driving habits and how much you want to spend. If you’re still unsure, stop by Pfeiffer Used and we can help you learn which type of car is best for you!

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